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LaDonna Paris was reportedly suffering a bipolar manic episode at a nonprofit retail store where she had locked herself in a ...
2 months ago - 8,839 views
Attempting To Pawn Issued Firearms ◂ KJRH - 2 News Works for You - brings you the latest trusted news and information for ...
6 years ago - 8,217 views
Tulsa Police Officer Arrested.
1 month ago - 275 views
Tulsa Police Officer arrested over the weekend.
2 years ago - 4,648 views
Tulsa police stand by officers' actions despite lawsuit Stay informed about Oklahoma news and weather! Follow KFOR News 4 on ...
2 months ago - 534,633 views
Prosecutors in Tulsa, Oklahoma issued an arrest warrant Thursday for police officer Betty Shelby. Shelby shot and killed Terence ...
6 years ago - 174,763 views
Tulsa police officer indicted.
2 years ago - 18,331 views
Tulsa police have arrested a woman accused of abusing a puppy. Police say someone reported Sarah Powell to officers after they ...
5 months ago - 524 views
The Tulsa Police Department is now facing backlash after an October 2021 arrest of a 70-year-old woman in a mental health crisis ...
2 months ago - 17,705 views
Tulsa Police Department officer arrested on firearm, drug complaints after internal investigation.
8 years ago - 695 views
Bodycam video shows a 70-year-old woman being tackled and arrested by Tulsa Police Officers for allegedly trespassing, ...
2 months ago - 82,487 views
The Tulsa Police Department on Wednesday released dash camera of officer body camera video of the Jan. 10 arrest of Venetia ...
3 years ago - 4,348 views
Tulsa police say two people are in custody after leading officers on a chase in a stolen SUV on Tuesday morning.
1 month ago - 28 views
Footage from a newly released video shows Colorado police officers laughing over bodycam video of the June 2020 arrest of ...
1 year ago - 261,267 views
Suspects accused in shooting of two Tulsa police officers appear in court Wednesday.
2 years ago - 43,334 views
WATCH: Charges filed against two Tulsa police officers in shooting cover-up.
7 months ago - 1,346 views
Tulsa police say a neighbor helped officers arrest two burglary suspects on Wednesday.
2 months ago - 18 views
We understand that there is concern about how the officers conducted themselves in this situation, particularly when speaking ...
2 months ago - 8,344 views
Muscogee Nation police arrested a Tulsa Police officer for child abuse on Tuesday.
1 month ago - 31 views
A Tulsa police officer was shot in the arm at a gas station near 61st and Peoria Monday evening, according to the Tulsa Police ...
7 months ago - 20 views
Tulsa Police Officer charged with making false statements to a firearms dealer.
1 year ago - 316 views
Tulsa Police body cam video of protester Sheila Buck being arrested outside Trump rally.
2 years ago - 1,112 views
A man has been arrested after Tulsa Police say he impersonated an officer, threatening a woman with arrest if she did not comply ...
3 months ago - 42 views
Tulsa police officials released body camera video on Thursday, Sept. 5, 2019, of an officer-involved shooting that occurred July 9 ...
3 years ago - 13,810 views
Tulsa police arrest QuikTrip arson suspect.
10 months ago - 217 views
The Tulsa Police Department released body-camera video Tuesday of an arrest of a man accused of assault and battery on a ...
2 years ago - 1,157 views
Officer Betty Shelby faces manslaughter charges for her role in the controversial police-involved shooting.
6 years ago - 565,440 views
Tulsa Police Sgt. Craig Johnson Dies.
2 years ago - 38,644 views
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